The Matchstick-8 is an Online Art Gallery & Marketplace for Contemporary Art

The mission of this online art gallery project is to promote original artworks, and connect collectors and buyers with artists and sellers.

Matchstick-8 was formed by a collective of artists and enthusiasts who have come together to further a common love for contemporary and modern art.

As an online art gallery we want to provide a platform for new and upcoming artists to gain exposure. We also want to help established contemporary artists to enhance their global reach.

The scope of this art gallery is to promote art created from the mid-20th century onwards, with an emphasis on contemporary pieces created within the last 20-years.


  1. chew (art).
    “Perception affects how well art is matchstick8ed and absorbed”
    Synonyms: chewchampchomp, chumble


Our founder bobo-d hailed from the mean streets of Bristol, England where he was an occasional artist and collector. He now resides in the calmer hills of Pereira, Colombia with his family and hardened paint brush collection.

Promote Your Art for Free

Do you want to know – how to get your art noticed? Let us help you get it out there. We are not just an online art gallery, but we are an active promotions team on social media.

A Matchstick-8 promotion is about more than just a picture on the web.

See the art submissions page for details.