We currently have an open call for artists to submit art for promotion in the Matchstick-8 online gallery.

If you are an artist, and you want to know how to get your art noticed. You have come to the right place. Our mission is to connect contemporary artists and sellers with collectors and buyers. Matchstick-8 will also give you the chance to showcase your work to art media outlets, journalists and enthusiasts across the world.

If you are an artist or seller with an original contemporary artwork for sale, we would be interested to work with you. We accept most contemporary art pieces produced with fine art mediums. We are particularly interested in the following styles –

Urban Art, YBA’s (Brit-Art), Postmodernism, Abstract, Surrealism, New European, New Leipzig, Maximalism, Hyperrealism, Neo-expressionism Superstroke Superflat, Remodernism, Pseudorealism, Post-contemporary, Kitsch movement, Excessivism, Altermodernism, Cynical Realism.

But dont worry if your art doesn’t have a label. Send it anyway!

Simply send us an image of your artwork (see below) with a description. We will review your submission and then contact you via email for further images, and a more detailed description and history. Before submitting your artwork please read the submission terms and conditions. Instructions for Art Submission:

  1. A single image of the artwork should be uploaded showing the artwork at a relevant angle in good light.
  2. Click “Select File” and select the image from your computers storage in .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG format (50 mb maximum image size) and click “upload”
  3. Enter your contact details and an artwork description in the form below the file uploader and click “submit”
  4. We will assess the image and description, and contact you if we need further information.
  5. If you are having issues using the art submission portal. Please contact us here with details.